Web Hosting

Growing the Church has its own Internet service facility, which allows us to host your website and e-mail accounts in a professionally managed server environment. Having our own servers allows us to offer you cost-saving measures without sacrificing the level of service offered by top Internet Service Providers.

Website Design

Need a new website? Let us create it for you! Using WordPress a user-friendly system that makes it easy for you to maintain your website, we can have a new website ready for you in twoContent/ Design weeks. It takes four easy steps:

  1. We set up your website or transfer the old one, handling all the technical stuff for you.
  2. We develop, with your assistance, different colour combinations and the header to complement your church’s identity.
  3. After the website “skeleton” has been created, we invite you to add the “muscles and skin”—the content and pictures, ensuring that the website has the look and feel you desire.
  4. Then we teach you how to maintain your website. At this time, you can set up through the control panel your e-mail addresses or we can do it for you.

 Having a new website is that easy!

What’s it cost

We charge US$20 per month or if you pay upfront for the year US$200 per year.

There are no additional costs, we register the website name and renew it each year for you.
No design fees, but remember you are responsible for loading and looking after the content. We will teach you how to do this.

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