The cost per church level access works out at US$20 per month.

Denominational access to the system is free where their local churches are using the system.

Please contact us so we can work out an accurate price together.

What’s included

  • No set up fees
  • Unlimited records
  • Support
  • Upgrades
  • Messaging Systems (Push notification system for Androids; WhatsApp and Bulk SMS is in development)
  • Bulk e-mailing
  • Built in financial system
  • Service register
  • Members occupation list
  • Groups
  • Personal Access

Why do we require payment for the use of the Church Management System

The NPC is run by a self-supporting missionary in Africa. The rest of the Committee and Board are unpaid volunteers. We have to pay the people (developers and support staff) and the world class hosting servers and security (we do the job properly).  In order for us to do this we raise funds by asking a subscription fees.

Why is it so much cheaper than other systems?

We are not doing this to make a profit, we only need to cover our expenses. Most importantly of all, this is a Holy Spirit inspired system (yes our God told us to do this, ask us).

What happens if we make a surplus?

As an NPC, any surplus will go into mission and evangelism. No person or private company is going to get rich☺

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