1) Free-up staff time to tackle important issues

Much time in any administrative office is spent on phone calls or in meetings dealing with basic requests for information that could easily be automated within the Church Management System. This will release staff time to work on real issues that require time, focus and wisdom. This can also save travel and enquiry time for priests and church wardens, releasing them to do more ministry focused work.

2) Provide accurate real-time information to make good strategic decisions and predict crises before they happen

The Church Management System platform can provide you with realtime statistics around finances and church attendance, allowing you to track trends and predict a crisis, both at a church and a denominational level. This will allow you to take swift action to solve or preempt a crisis. The longterm trends will inform your annual strategic planning.

3) Improve financial reporting and accountability

The Church Management System provides you with simple tools to allow your parishes to manage and monitor their finances, whilst presenting this data in an easy format for your own usage.

4) Open up reliable and fast communication channels to clergy and laity

Communication in the church has often been unpredictable because of the many levels of authority any message needs to pass through. With Church Management System you are able to communicate directly with every member and create distribution lists to speak to niche audiences.

5) Provides easy access to information in a way that breaks down silo’s and preserves institutional memory

In an organisation as large and complex as the church it’s easy for information to be caught in silo’s or lost when key personnel move or leave the system. The Church Management System allows information to be recorded in easily accessed locations for access to all those with the relevant authority.

6) Provides a foundational platform on which Solutions can be developed to solve your most pressing problems

We all have particular operational problems that require a systems solution to ensure that new levels of efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved. Whether it’s monitoring insurance, managing a fleet of cars, giving clergy access to pension details or something entirely more challenging, it helps to have a system like Church Management System in which you can embed a solution; and a team who understand your unique problems in the development of that solution. This means that together we will be able to design a better Church Management System over time as your needs change.

7) Drive missional engagement on social issues

The church ultimately exists to serve its non-members or broader society. The Church Management System is able to act as a system to coordinate and communicate when the church needs to respond to humanitarian crises, such as floods or fires. It can also be used to bring people together over a longer period of time to tackle some of the deeper systemic issues in society, for example unemployment and poverty.

8) Delivers compliance with the law on data protection

The Church Management System gives Church organisations a platform to store members’ personal data that is compliant with the laws that protect private information. We have done everything reasonable to keep members personal data secure.

Members can have their records removed from the database upon request to support office.

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