The various portals through which someone can use the data in the online database is divided up into portals. The current list of portals:

Denominational Portals

There portals can be at various levels within your church structure. They provide a helicopter view of what is going on with regard to members and structure.

There are communication facilities that allow for bulk e-mailing and push notifications to the MyChurch app.

Church Portal

This is the basic level at which all church structures are recorded. Each member belongs to one church structure. There are sub portals for finance (limited access) and groups.

Organisation Portal

Used by organisations within the church for statics and communication to their members.

Personal Portal

Used by individuals to keep their personal details up to date and engage with the church.E.g. can monitor when they are on Sunday duty and group details of groups they belong to.

Church Group Portal

For groups created at a church level. Give access to these groups without having access to the entire church portal.

Financial Portal

This is separated from the general portals for privacy reasons. There is one for the church and another for denominational level.  The language used in the portal is very simple to enable non-booking people the ability to use it. There are 3 layers to this portal and a church can use one, two or all three.

1. Record pledging and tithing

2. Basic records of income and expenditure, produce an income and expenditure statement.

3. Capture further records to produce a trial balance.

Further to the above there are 2 systems for denominational level to control their church giving.

1. By the denomination inputting the amount the church needs to pay and then capturing payments.

2. The system creates a flat percentage required for payment based on the parish income captured.

Access to the portals is granted within the portal and in then gained once the member has logged in.

The Church Management System mobile phone app (called MyChurch by features communication to members’ cell phones to the app in an SMS style, for free! The church is going to be on the cutting edge of modern communication methods, secure and trusted.  The app also has a channel which provides a brief message of encouragement aimed at young people provided by the Youth Hub.

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