Using the MyChurchIT CMS System as a Missional Tool

How can we help you grow your church in numbers, depth, and effectiveness in God’s mission?

Using the Church Management System, MyChurchIT, as a missional tool can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a church’s outreach and ministry efforts. Here’s how:

Offering the Gospel to those who are not yet members:
This can be called “Discovering your redemptive potential” by seeing who lives in a 5 km radius of your family and finding ways to bring them to Jesus through your church.

Use the Overview and Suburbs list for analysis:
As a start, check the makeup of the existing congregation, be they adults, children, their ages, and where they live, to see who you have already reached. Data analysis in the system allows you to track, analyze data, and report on mission activities, volunteer participation, worship attendance trends. By monitoring key metrics and performance indicators, churches can evaluate the effectiveness of their mission efforts and make data-driven decisions for future planning and strategy.

Using the local demographics and statistics as a comparison:
Find the statistics of the numbers of people who are in a 5-kilometer radius of the church facility. This can be gained from the local municipality or internet. See what these say about the potential growth opportunities when compared to your database.

Use the member’s list to see who is NOT there:
Who have you not yet reached and where are the opportunities for invitation to meet Christ and belong to the faith community? Who is missing and how can you reach out to them?

Member Engagement and Communication:
MyChurchIT enables efficient communication with church members through features like email and individual WhatsApps.

Use the lists of members for prayer times:
Pray systematically over each name, seeking God’s face and will for that person, asking God to help them grow as disciples, and seeing if there is a prompting for some way of serving God’s mission. Use the list to invite specific people and families to online prayer gatherings to pray specifically for them.

Use the Birthday list for showing love:
Phone or message people to wish them well on their special day, so they know that they matter to God and your community.

Use the Wedding anniversary list for building healthier families:
Contact them and wish them well on their anniversaries, and then invite them, as a couple, to a special prayer for them on a particular Sunday or invite them to a marriage enrichment seminar or course.

Use the RIP list for pastoral care:
Contact the bereaved and grieving on the anniversaries of their loved one’s passing, for care and invitation to a Grief Share course or special Remembrance service, maybe on a Good Friday.

Use the bulk emails for a sense of belonging and significance:
Inform members about upcoming events, to keep members informed and engaged, to foster a sense of community and belonging, encouraging active participation in mission activities.

Use the groups for follow-up and contact:
By creating groups, like Confirmation 2023, you can regularly contact them for the many years to come to see where they are and how they are following Jesus, to make sure that they are connected to a faith community somewhere.

Use the Members Occupations Portal to assist with employment:
When populated, this can be used to see who is employed in various areas so members can support each other, and those who are unemployed can be cared for, empowered, and connect to employers in the congregation.

Volunteer Management:
The system can streamline volunteer management by allowing church leaders to easily recruit, schedule, and communicate with volunteers for various mission projects and events. Efficiently organizing volunteers into groups in the system, means that the organisers can ensure that mission activities are adequately staffed and supported, leading to greater impact and effectiveness.

Integration with Online Platforms:
The system can be linked to your website – which is your window to the world (see – and integrate with online platforms and social media channels, like Facebook, enabling churches to expand their reach and engage with a wider audience. Churches can use the system to promote mission activities, share stories and testimonials, and mobilize supporters for greater impact and influence.

Make a positive difference, in the Name of Jesus:
Overall, by leveraging the features and capabilities of MyChurchIT CMS as a missional tool, churches can enhance their outreach and ministry efforts, mobilize volunteers, and make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

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