At its core, this Church Management System is a central database for the Church. It is designed to hold the records of all church structures, church organisations, clergy/ministers/pastors and members. Holding all this data in one centralised secure online database will give you the ability to act as one united church showing the love of Christ.

Why is this a crucial moment for a system like this?

The world has entered a period of political, economic and social transition arguably as crucial as the difficult years of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Civil society, business, some political parties and unions are all calling for the church to play a greater leadership role at this crucial moment. National church leaders are increasingly playing a bigger role, whilst other leaders are being seen as regional and even national voices. Ministers/Pastors play important roles in communities and church members lead in many areas of public life. The Church is being asked to stand up and lead like it did so successfully 30 years ago.

The challenge this time around is different to three decades back and the tools this generation will need to organize and mobilise will be different. Vision and good intentions are the first step, but we all know without execution this vision will remain just a dream.

The Bible speaks of the body of Christ – each part of the body playing a unique role in unity under the headship of Jesus Christ. The Internet has given us the ability to create tools that can become a virtual nervous system for the body of Christ – ensuring that each limb can communicate and coordinate with the others creating an effective whole – able to minister in unity and power to the nation.

This Church Management System has been designed to be a tool that acts like this nervous system for the body of Christ – both the Church and the broader ecumenical movement.

For the first time in history the church has the potential to access tools that truly allow for all of its members to practically collaborate and mobilise in service. This Church Management System has the capacity to act as an essential foundational system to enable communication and mobilization of a movement that can include every Christian, from top leadership to layperson.

As a movement develops and faces new challenges this Church Management System  has the potential for other modules to be developed for specific functions running off its foundational back-end database functionality.

Now is a crucial time to take the first steps that will over time unleash the capacity of the church to truly play its role in the New Struggle as we serve in the building of the nation.

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